Wednesday, 15 July 2009

كنت فاكر اني بعرف اتكلم هنا علي اساسا اني مش بكلم حد اعرفه يعني غير لما اكلام حد من صحابي و حد اعرفه هههههههه بس طلعت و لا عارف اتكلم هنا و لا حاجة حتي في التعليق مش عارف مش بعرف اعلق مش هنا بس في اي حتي , اصحابي بيعتبروني غامض ممكن بس انا مش كدة انا بس مش بعرف اتكلم عن نفسي و لا احكي اعمل ايه يعني .
يمكن اه بعرف اسمع الناس بس مش قوي بس الي اكيد اني مش بعرف اكتب
متعود من صغري علي خير الكلام ما قل و دل
حاجة خنقة
بس عجباني ;)

Saturday, 4 July 2009


sometime feel him so disconnected not him , his ideas his soul he know she do not like him and will not even after 1000 years , she will never remove the image of her lover and put him in the same place , her ex-lover will be ever the one in her eyes , so he decide not to be with anyone ales , but he can not control him self from being with gays and have some fun with them i think that because he never see him self with any woman ales except her , but when i asked him about how he know that he like boys and be a bi. he tell me he do not like to talk about that i think from the way he did it , he had a bad story in his mind his memory poor him he only make love with boys to forget her and he will not