Saturday, 22 May 2010

Do not care

What if , one day you just figure it out you do not have friends , all you have some mates .
What if one day , you feeling lonely and need someone to talk , someone to share , but he do not exist yet .
What if , you just thinking in one do not exist in that world , he only in your dream world .
Looking for some memory to share but there is no memory , what you will do when you turn come to share your memory with them , your mates .
What you will say , sorry , i do not have any fackin memory to share as i am a lonely man do not have friends to create memory together , or you will just imagine some of it and tell them a good story about you and them . do not even think to answer i do not care .
Just in this moment i believe ya we live in material world , there is no such a stupid thing called felling , what that mean you feel , sorry do not get it .
None care about what you feel , he just need something from you , and you will give it to him , not because you care or love him noooooooo , if you imagine that then you do not get it yet and deserve what happen , you will just do it because you wanna something back , now Are you understand , are not you ?
Now , and just now , i think i am ready to go with you . i hate that place and wanna live here anymore , in this world

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Alice in wonderland

Alice and the hatter , what about the imposable love , some people we like them and ya love them but not as a lovers or partners , just friends , why some people insist to be something more than that , maybe i like you as a friends but no more because of your shape , your age , maybe because i do not think at all i love , or sex , just wanna making friends and focus on my life , my work .
might i think that i do not be ready for true one love , might i have a full life that i think i will be confused .
for me i thinks being friends is mush batter than lovers or partners , might i am wrong , might i am right , but the way i see it , and i like it .
at the end of the movie Alice in wonder land which i saw as a present of my B day , i like all the movie except the white queen i hate it , anyway the hatter loves Alice all the time but he too old for her , but she refused him as she need time to find answers , life the live and the sad look in his eye , i cried when i seen it and he accepted that , and that what i like he know she telling the truth and he can not be with her .

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

the new version

Dunno , why gays all the history wanna be something great , wanna be gods , remember for ever , write their name in history by golden pen none can erase it . gays like Achilles , Alexander the great , Da vanci , but what we are talking about that is the old version of gays .

now there is the new one , who has no hope at all in life , just wanna to live , and find whatever their looking for sex , love , whatever like the new one i find in fb all his aim and goal to increase the no. of his members group .
dunno what to say , are that change in aims and goals from old to now , because of the freedom they had or the faster life we life now , control us too much that none can thing in something far away his next step
i am just wonder how we afraid of coming out and in the past we wanna all world knowing about us forever

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

like hell

it is my first time , to be in shock he told me ' i love you , i adore you '
it is my first to can not answer anyone .
it is my first time to feel like i what conning him .
it is my first time dunno who i should ask for advice .
who can tell me what i should do , what i can answer him .
what i can say , what i can do.