Thursday, 13 May 2010

Alice in wonderland

Alice and the hatter , what about the imposable love , some people we like them and ya love them but not as a lovers or partners , just friends , why some people insist to be something more than that , maybe i like you as a friends but no more because of your shape , your age , maybe because i do not think at all i love , or sex , just wanna making friends and focus on my life , my work .
might i think that i do not be ready for true one love , might i have a full life that i think i will be confused .
for me i thinks being friends is mush batter than lovers or partners , might i am wrong , might i am right , but the way i see it , and i like it .
at the end of the movie Alice in wonder land which i saw as a present of my B day , i like all the movie except the white queen i hate it , anyway the hatter loves Alice all the time but he too old for her , but she refused him as she need time to find answers , life the live and the sad look in his eye , i cried when i seen it and he accepted that , and that what i like he know she telling the truth and he can not be with her .

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