Tuesday, 11 May 2010

the new version

Dunno , why gays all the history wanna be something great , wanna be gods , remember for ever , write their name in history by golden pen none can erase it . gays like Achilles , Alexander the great , Da vanci , but what we are talking about that is the old version of gays .

now there is the new one , who has no hope at all in life , just wanna to live , and find whatever their looking for sex , love , whatever like the new one i find in fb all his aim and goal to increase the no. of his members group .
dunno what to say , are that change in aims and goals from old to now , because of the freedom they had or the faster life we life now , control us too much that none can thing in something far away his next step
i am just wonder how we afraid of coming out and in the past we wanna all world knowing about us forever

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