Friday, 27 August 2010

Ali's death

He passed my way .

It was the first time to see him with all that sadness , It was the day will never forget to anyone in this village .

That day when Ali died , Ali was a nice man came to our village many years ago to teach us the religion Islamic one .

He was a good looking man , came with some people , I know after that they working for alazhar , Guess they start working late because of the language , They came without even know the language we speak .

After days their school had opened , They not active like Christians , They do not know how to get people with them , How to make them self under spots , The villages do not care about them at all , As they do not even came .

After a while they begin to give up and back to their county .

Except one called Ali he stayed , And begin to have his own work and land , But their is something strange about him , He never ever look at any woman , First we thought it is because of Islam , But how secret like that keep a secret in some county like our village .

One day he was going to swim in the river and saw other men there , He begin to take a look without any sound till they finished but he did not know that there are some other people following him , Or we can say that there are someone following him since he arrived to the village
when he turned back he saw him , He was the prince , That what we call him .

The prince was wired as Ali , He also did not marry at all , Even with all women who come everyday to have seen , He did not .

But since Muslim was here his life change at all , He begin to learn Arabic and Islam , None was knowing the secret of that till the day we saw a really wired thing happen in the main tent , I till now can no remove this picture from my head .

Actually not only me who can not remove it , How can you remove the picture of two men kissed each other , How , Tell me , I will be yours forever just tell me how ?!
Anyway , Ya , They kissed each other in front of all people they do not care about us or about how we react .

We till now do not know what happened in that meeting with Ali , Prince and the king , Our king and his father .

just what we all know the next day , there was a big wedding for the prince and a woman , do not know from where she came or which village she belong anyway just the wedding and the seven month after till his son came to the life the king had his grandson .
what we do not know else when the prince and Ali built that tent out of the village or when the prince moved there .

Do not know shall i continue the story or shall i stop here with that happy ending , I know life is not fair , And i guess you know the happy ending is not the real ending it just the beginning .
I will continue not because of you , only because of my promise .

A few days later , We know that there are some people Egyptians looking for someone came here and left behind with a group from Alazhar , So , I guess they looking for Ali , but if he stayed here with his will , So why they looking for him .

I went to the city and looking for them to meet . And ya , I met them , And what a story i know this day .

His name is Ahmed , And he escaped from his house in Cairo after a big fight with his father , I know his father wanna him marry . And they know from his friends in collage that he came here and stayed . They asked me if i know him or know anything about him , I said no , And left .
In this meeting i saw only his father and his brother , He was clam and quiet all the meet

In my way home , I met his brother , And talked a lot , Told me about his brother , Ali , The gay brother who just came out for two years now , And he just could not take it anymore , Could not see the pain he made to his father , His mother , His family and his friends , Ya he told his friends too , And the people in Egypt hate gays .

So , He just came here to begin a new life without any bad feeling , Without hating , Without angry , Without love , Just to live the life.

All that was okay for year and half , Till that Shikh showed up , My father told him about my brother and he advise him to kill him as Islam says , To kill him to make GOD happy . What a shit .

Anyway , All family tried to stop my father , But they could not and here where are , Following Ahmed to kill him .

" Why i feel you know him ? , Please if you know where my brother is , Tell him to run .
and tell him that , I love him even when he is gay " .And he started crying , He tried to hide it , But noway .

When i back to the village , First thing i did , I went to Ali tent and told him everything in front of the prince .

Dunno why i felt like the prince know all of that shit before , Ali asked me where i met his brother and asked me to show him the way .

The next day , We back to his brother , By the way , His name was Samy , The two brother set together and told each other what happened with him and cried many times .

They promised each other to meet everyday till Samy back to Cairo .

They met many times later , Some i was there , Other i was not .

All i know next is that , The father show in the village one day with Samy , And went to Ali , The funny thing , All villagers followed them to the tent , And there happened what Shikh want to happen , The father killed ali and he tried to kill samy to because he was sorry for ali , Actually samy surprised .

When the prince back and know what happened , He went to the mad , Started pushing things and dropping other .

After time , He went to Samy and asked him what happened , He told hin that they came here to see Ali after father drop the killing idea out of his mind but sound that father just playing with them only to kill him and he wanted to kill me too when i tried to stop him and help Ali to run away .

The prince cried on my shoulders , And I promised him to tell everybody his story and help him with anything .

The prince did not love anyone till now , And always asked about Samy and phoned him, And asked about how was Ali's childhood , He did not forget him , and will not .

And father , Dunno what happened with him , After police came and took him , But he did not back home again .

About me , i am trying to find gays in Egypt and help them online with Samy , Hope one days they have rights to show up and live their life as anyone do .
As I am stayed in the village . One day me and th e prince will go to Egypt and see where Ali lived

Hope one days they have rights to show up and live their life as anyone do .