Wednesday, 27 August 2008

the shy eyes

Today , i waked up late so late . then I had my usual breakfast and set to see my new e- mails and do what I do usually on net .
till I saw MR. z. and had a nice chat as usual and then happened what I was not expected my little brother asked my to go with him to his collage it is the first year to him there , and really it was a surprise to me as my brother and me like day and night .

But I said what I will lose if I do that , so I accepted that offer and went with him to there , I really do not like it it is so far , look like it is out in desert no near whatever , cafes and that what I hate .
even that , I had some fun there was a prof. was so funny and had a since of hummer and even the study in most of collage in Egypt by English , the student is less than weak in English , there were some one asked about mid term when it be after which 100 lec. as he heard it mit ( 100 in Arabic ) and asked about the reason of the name what is the relation bet. that exam and the no. 100 .

Then ,I saw him , he was so beauty so kind so shy that what I thought . I forg
et everything even my brother and just setting there see him fallowing him by my eyes , after a while not long . he noted that , and begin to have an eye connect with me , and he looked at me stighthly at my eyes and do not moved it inch at that moment i know that he is not shy , the shy one is me , then I tried to be away of him and his eyes the rest of the day. odd ya , i know .


mthlykaweyy said...

hi hasona

how r u

nice blog i hope ur brother to be good in faculity
and u met ur lover nearly

good post man

go on

bye bye

hades said...


at first i was happy because i thought u found i nice guy, but yalla next time in sha2 alah. :-)

best wishes for ur brother in his faculty.

nice post

with love

hassona said...

me i wish that too , meet the one , yap

bye , see you

satanboy said...

i like what u saying keep it up

hassona said...

hello satanboy

i hope i will , thanks for being here

see you

zeus said...

ممكن اعرف شو صار؟
والله كتابتك حلوووه كتيير
والي صار معك بالجامعة مع الشاب صارت معي كتييير
حاب اعرف بقيت القصة بلييز

тħe мαšκeđ ¢αт said...

how R u ya 3asal!
nice blog ^-^!
i know this is a late commit for an old post!
but all what i want to say is!
family comes first!~
in evry thing!
belive me i know!
evan if your bro is so diffrent from u!
try to have a nice relationship with him just try time after another till u get along with him!
second i want to say, u R so sweet
i like how u write and how u expess your thoughts
^-^ hope u all the best

hassona said...

thanks for you comment and for advise .

i hope to see you again