Saturday, 7 November 2009

mr. one

It was just like any other day with each other , starting with his call to meet him then he catch me with his car till we arrive his house , this day dunno feel different thought because our last meeting , he decide not to meet me again as he want to be normal actually in every time we met he open that issue . and talk and talk and it always finished as he do not like being gay and will not me again and i like my life as a gay . that time , i really can not take any more from that issue . so i begin to talk with him as when i want to have a lover that i dream about he will be like you but not you . he wondered " why " . "as you always do not like being a gay and you not have free time for anything so how it will be with me " i said that . i think he missed my point then and told me that he is here and my answer was the same .
but i did not lie to him , if i want a lover i want him to be the one , he is the first one i slept between his arm like a baby .
i really used to meet him from a while to while , but this days i really miss him , i think i will call him now

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