Thursday, 22 January 2009

i dono

I dono what to say , all i know that i do bad things for you , and i know it is too late " that what i do not hope " to apologize to back .

I think on a song for you song that can say what i can not to say , what i feel .

When i chatted with you that night , i know that you but i denied my self as i dono what to say and dono what you want am was so afraid to make you angry as last time as i can not take it anymore .

What i can say , i say that i am crying , i am sorry , i am upset from my self , i dono what in my hand till i lost it



غريب said...

الدموع غالية فلا تسكبها على شي لا يسوى اتمنى ان تكون سعيد دوما وتجد من تحب ومن يحبك

hassona said...

اشكرك علي كلامك و مواساتك ليه و ان شاء اله اجد من يستحق هذا الدموع