Saturday, 7 February 2009

where is the parents ?

I was in the clinic with my grandma , When there is a family came and enter , it was a father , mother , grandma and two children , They were only 9 and 6 years old . What make me focus with them , is that the elder brother is asked his brother to kiss him and hang him many time and not any kiss french kiss , When i was shocked and asked in my mind where is the parents ?


Just2post said...

Hi Hassouna,

The parents teach them to do that. They have a different perception of that...
now, u can imagine how the 2 children will educate their sons -for exemple- ... For them, a french kiss between brothers will be like a normal thing.


غريب said...


you didn't mention about this family 4m which country they are i suppose they are from Europe or America if they are not it's mean only one thing their parent does not take care about there sons
but it's really big question ???

hassona said...

hi justy ,
that will be a disaster if there parent teach them that , ya

hi 3'areb
this family is an Egyptian family that what make me so wonder of what children done

masternino said...

i think its only no inspaction for what they watching on t v , but its not big problem . kids at that age acting what they seen

hassona said...

that what i talking about how is that in tat age , oh my god