Tuesday, 17 February 2009

what is love

there is now some people say i love you to anyone just to have their needs that make the word love so cheep and eazy to say but i believe in that acting more than saying in it , when you see one his act tell you that , it is more than the one who say it day and night , i hate repeating it
"I love you" is so easy to say
But so many times it doesn't mean a thing"I love you" could everythingAs long as we don't know what love isI think love is not in what we say, love is in what we doAnd when we say we love we've got something to prove
I think love is nothing but the truthSomething inside of me, something inside of youLove is faith and loyaltyLove is sharing love is to believeI think that is what love could beAnd so much more 'cause love is deep, love is deep
I think love can be boldlove can be bearLove can make you happy and love can make you sadLove can break your heart and love can hear your soul
Love can die and... love can roll


Just2post said...

hi hassouna
good topic, and nice analyses

next week, I will write a post about that
take care bro


hassona said...

hi , wily
i will waited . :)