Sunday, 1 March 2009

all is forget

I dono why i write about him now we even do not see eash other yet in real , i want to write about from long time since i chatted with him as he is a nice guy know what he want from live and from all around or that what i was thought .
I can say that we have a some kind being close friends in short time .
I wanted to write about him when he surprise me when he phoned me just to wake up and not being late .

This days he what i can say he broke up with his first love and we all know it take along bad time to pass this , he do not pass it yet and he just like that be in an other relation only not to hurt the new boy that treat him unwell , i do not like the way that boy treat my friend with , he only be cool from outside but from inner side he get hurt and the words kill him to mush .

And when i said to him that he do not do anything wrong just he need to take a real stand and tell that boy that is ENOUGH , he what be quit do not like to make he nervous , shit .

Any way and that end of chat today , he tell me that he want to end his live , i wondered why , he till me that to make all people around is fine , howwwwwwww all friends and parents will get hurt , i till him so , he answered a stupid answer all will forget me after a while , here i just start crying why , i dono , i tell him that not all how love you real love without any usefulness .

And then he asked me : do you will forget me ? i wonder as i was sure that i will not , how that feeling come from nowhere , just sure from that , i tell him that he asked me why i just someone you see online , he will disappeare again . and how will anyone remamber him again after all , all is forget

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Alex ! said...

I thought you'r talkin' about me at first, yet i was wrong.

god help us gays guys.

i realy know what you feel.

and what your friend feels.

but i dono what to say to make you feel better.

this is our life , deal with it