Sunday, 22 March 2009

crazy day

i dono what to say i look like crazy i think , we talk for three weeks and now i feeling something about him but i can not say that to him i do not have that encourage to say ya i love you as we do not meet in real life yet all what we do chatting and talking on phone i try really to make him feel that from me but noway after making me disparate and left it to time till we meet he get it how i dono he say from my language when i spoken to him last chat anyway i talked it as chance to me and ya talked for hours and ya i talked to him as i do not care i do not like when someone push me to say what i feel about so i make a wrong dialogue with him , next day after collage and non-sleeping time i phoned him and asked him to meet it taked a three hours to be there where he from ya i traveled to him so what i made to put like an end for that i thought . so we meet and talked about about what i do not remember but i think about his life and its rules then with out talking we agree to be friends which i like it

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