Saturday, 23 October 2010


People care about who about their self , not about who care about them

This statement was my favorite in the movie , But I did not believe in it till now , Till I really see some people when I care about they not even try to ask about how I am , Just hi , And treat me as the one who solve their problem , not even more , once you cared and helped them , They gone again . Till the next problem , And somehow when I have one , I did not find them to ask , talk .
I think they are not friends , and shame on me to treat them as that .
So , I only will care about myself , will not think about them , they sooner or later will disappear and will not show again .so , why I lose my power , my energy for people do not deserve that , ha , why ?!
I have friends who care and I know that .why I do not treat them as well , afraid to lose them and then I will have nothing .
Shall I treat people as they treat me , or treat them as I am . Not wait for reaction or respond
I am not a god , I am a human , wanna feel back that I do good , and gain good back , like karma .

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