Monday, 15 November 2010

hard quastion

Why making sex between gays like a forbidden thing , Some people do not do it because of their religion , their idea of doing it or whatever .
ya , whatever in there mind that control them , it is forbidden , and they all hate people who do it , Why they all hate them , Why they can not deal with who do it .
But now , I want do it , But I only think about how I will look like after it , How I will see myself in the mirror after .

Is it right to do with someone who I have feeling for him or just wait for the one who sound forget our meeting .

When I saw an English movie and how they start dating there and how making love came in 3 or 4 date .

So why here it is like that , I hate question like that , Which I can not answer I think I need time to know for which team I will join , but I think I will be member of the second one ;)

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