Tuesday, 7 December 2010

a new day

What I can say it is a totally messy week , My cell phone is gone but I got a new one , The only good thing I got from that situation is I only recover the friends I want and sure the list of them will be too short :D .

The second thing is what happened today when I was out today . It was funny thing , I know he is a gay from first look but he keep asking me about stupid things , Make me feel like I am a totally stranger about everything around , He said he like to cook everything and know how to make most of juice and keep talking about stupid things blablabla , But the funny thing when he asked me about my number I give him a false one did not feel comfortable for give him the true one , Specially when I felt lies came out of his mouse . He was just a gay guy wanna to have sex with anyone , What a shame , He waste his time with me .
The funny thing he said was about his friend Toto who he removed his no. just because he did not answer his calls , From our talking felt like he is empty one , going without aim in life .

Sometime I like to meet a new type of people thought it because of my study , when I meet them I found a new way of thinking a new way of life.

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