Wednesday, 26 March 2008


on me first meeting with an other gay , he dont spoke about sex totally , so i was wandered by him but for by bad luck i asked him about it and next day when i chatted with him , i asked him an other q. about it so i think he made to me block after that but i didnt know in this time that there are gays dont looking for sex only .

before i met him , i chatted with some people who i get that idea from them but now i am so sorry for lost him . he gave me a lesson on being gay real one not an animal all my thinking is about sex .

i wrote that as i found some gays like him really in our life and i thanks them to correct my ideas about gays and their thought . they make me try not to find some one just to have one night stand no , they make hopefully try to find my one and i wrote that also as i think i am being like him , dont accept people who talk about sex only in chat or in real life .
i love you me friend

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