Thursday, 1 May 2008

breack up

why now most of relationships that i known is break up
is it have a relation with summer our what !
now i have two relations in the same week are broken up
i think it is large number if we see their love from the view they had
where is love , you people
love is not gone away in one night
most of them i know very well and they make their love lovely than love story itself
but no they desperate , sad , unhappy and begin not believe in love anymore but i think love is exist and never change but people change to batter or to bad
so i ask my friends who did not find luck in their love to keep their believing in love
as well as they can and i do not want to hear " i find him by hard way "
you have to take hard way to find your one who can live with you forever , i know it hard but what we can do ?! nothing , keep our hope to find rest and relax in end of their own way
at the end i pray for all of you people
keep you hoping

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