Friday, 9 May 2008

secret societies

when i was child , i see movies about spying and secret societies like masonic , gays , and mush more like that .
like every child , he dreamed about something special for him , and as we all know heroes in that movies are always special in everything power , looking , they always cute , handsome , open minded and sexy , so i was looking always to be one like them in a secret society , it does not matter what kind of society it be , all i was looking for being one like this heroes .

now , from ..... years i be a member of one of those
gay society , but for my dam luck i am in the middle east area where people do not like gays , they do not accept them as people like them have rights so it became me secret .

people do not know that that society here in that area is huge and has all over 3 million person
most who respect himself they travel outside that dam area , they travel to other countries where people can accept them as they are , where they can not hid from people all the time , where they can show their felling without fried of seeing by someone

why people here do not do that , i do not know
i hope that day is coming when people accept us as who are we gays
gays who has hopeless from that they travel outside , i hope i see that day before i be one of them

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kareem azmy said...

الموضوع اكبر من ان المجتمع يتقبل الجاي
المجتمعات الشرقية محتاجة وقت كبير لحد ما تقدر تقبل الأخر

الأخر ده مش الجاي بس
الأخر ده أي حد مختلف معاك ف أي شىء
بتشوف رد فعل الناس بيبقى ازاي للاختلاف بين الأهلاوي و الزملكاوي
سيبك من الكورة

اللي كلها بتعبد رب واحد

متعرفش كان المجتمعات اتربت على كره الأخر .. اللي مش زيك
ع الرغم ان القرأن بيقول ان ربنا خلق الناس مختلفيين

انا كمان بتمنى زيك ان تحصل طفرة و صحوة ثقافية في مجتماعتنا دي عشان الناس تبدأ تفكر و تقبل الأخر المخلف كأنسان

تحياتي ليك
كريم عزمي