Thursday, 3 June 2010

a dream

It was just a dream , A dream i dreamed remember it till this moment in details , setting on mt pc , writing for someone , i know him very well , but the problem i even do not know his e-mail in real life , all i know , when i wake up i will find his adding request .
We spent nights talking about anything and everything , i am so stupid that i do not figure how romantic he is and i make him loved me .
We stop talking after he found that i am down to earth can not love someone without meet him in real life .

THE PROBLEM , now we started talking again , i am afraid to break his heart again , ya , i am in love with him , but i can not tell him that till we meet and maybe not in our first .
Shall i tell him , and after awhile break up , and lose everything even our friendship which i glad to be his ?!

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