Saturday, 19 June 2010

my birthday

Since i was young , I always know what to do maybe .
Maybe i do not know what to do now .
It is my first time to feel alone , sad , wanna cry .
I just back home from my sister wedding .
It is my first time , wanna something i can not get .
When i went with them to their home , i feel like i will never be in my own home with my lover , with the one who i only care about in my all life time .
Does i shell wait for him , or just say yes for anyone says " i wanna be with you , i will be you sweet dream " , but no , i do not feel him as a dream , he just a nightmare , ya nightmare you will wake me up with your life kiss .
Ya , i will love that nightmare , will live in it all my life time waiting for you , i know you will come one day .
That day will be the life i dream about , will be my birthday

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