Friday, 25 June 2010


Dunno what all the foolish that just like that appear in Egypt ,everybody work harder to show he is the most fool , i think there is a competition and i do not know .
since Khalid was killed in Alex. , and sound that is the deadly mistake the Egyptian government did .
All the political movements try to find its way in this festival .
I think all of them wanna to catch anything the youth can be get from the system here in Egypt
, and from all the wonder in the world i wonder why this issue the top of all in the Egyptian society not like the other , the government can not control it and when i tried to finished it , it played stupidly and not fair made itself like the what , bitch ya like bitch , does it can not handle with it like other or what , if it busy because of elections , so for me , the next year it Al-Watni win in it , it will the end .
ya , the end the people so tired and none looking after them except some people wanna Revolution and it will be like a hill opening his mouth to take it all and nothing but all .
it will totally chaos but not a creative one , it will be the one that finish it all

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