Thursday, 29 July 2010

the coming out night

He was just a boy , when his brother kissed him . it was his first kiss and the one he can not have again .

After this kiss , his brother made love with him , the naughty sex as he used to see in that porno movies he download by torrent , he was so young to have money to buy it , even when he mush older now , he do not spot download it by free :)
anyway till this moment , he imagined that night with all its details when he masturbated .

The day after his brother can not remember anything about that magnificent night ,he can not even remember how he back home , because he did it all when he was totally drunk .

But what about me now , does i shall remove it from my mind , forget it , oh i can not .
Does anyone can forget his first kiss , does anyone can forget his first night .
How , i can not imagine that .

Can i tell my brother about it , i know he is totally straight , can he accept it , and love me back , or he as i can see will refuse it and never talk to me again .
NO , he back home , and slept that is all .

About me , i will dream about it , i will try to see anyone i with as him .
I hope i pass this night soon , today i will meet that new guy i chatted with .
I need someone to tell him about it , so i just meet him last month in yahoo chat .
He was nice with me , i told him all about me , for sure except my real name and address .
He was gay so i told him everything freely , and he advised me a lot , he was older than me and placed next to me .
What a shame , that is why i did not tell him anything about me . i think that was for good .

Just a little moments now , and will meet him , there is something between us , he said it to me before asked to meet .

OH MY GOD , i think i just seen my brother entered that cafe , hope he go out soon , till now i stayed out side the cafe for half an hour , and he did not go out .

Oh i get a massage from him " i will go now , you was late, see you "
Do i wait to see him out or go home now
Wait there is none out except my brother .

After a while of imagine what will happen when he open the door , he entered and see me totally naked , i can see it in his eyes , ya , he wanna me , wanna me hardly

And all i say " sorry for not meeting you at the cafe "
begin to cry and hag me , i cried myself too .

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