Wednesday, 7 July 2010

contol or safety

last night , i was checking my reader to see if there is new posts to read or not , i see the iyads' , it was about talking about some days he spent in Alex. , and he referring to some names and some happening stuff there , after i read it , i talked to a Friend , i told him this post will be removed after awhile , because of some of them will never accept that and as i thought , ya it is removed i do not why they push him to remove it , it is his blog and i think the only fault he made was using the real name of them , but it is still he blog , the blogger write to expires them self , and write what they can not told people about when they be sad or happy , it is a free space , thanks god , the few people know about the blog , so i write what i want as i want it to be , i was just but the link for my blog in the FB profile but i just remove it , i do not want to find someone control me or what i am write , i am a free bird sing what i want , i do not like to be controlled , i think i can if someone try , it will be the end for him with me .

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